How we investigate

Our Style:  We like to keep things simple, laid back and informal. We want to chat and get to know you.  At the same time, we want the investigation to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  For that reason, we follow certain guidelines.  While we strive to conduct the investigation in this manner, we realize that some situations may come up that lead us in a different direction. 

The Sit Down:  We will go over the information previously collected from you, during our phone interview.  We will be pulling information from the PIQ.  We review your answers and ask if there have been any changes or increases/decreases in activity.  While we are there to try to find evidence, our primary job is to try to debunk.  We will be looking closely for things that could be a natural occurrence.    

We will then get the original "Consent to investigate" form from you, that was previously mailed to you. You keep the copy.   

Baseline Readings:  We have you walk us through your home and have you explain what’s been going on in each room.  It is at this time, we take baseline readings. We get temps, do EMF sweeps and take pictures. We chart our findings.  We will be setting up several motion detectors in key hot spot areas or rooms. We also put out digital voice recorders and turn them on at this time. We have a T.O.P.S. (trigger object proximity sensor) and will place that in the area with the highest reported activity. We have an infrared camera as well as a camcorder that we can set up in the areas you feel are most active.

EVP sessions I & II:  We conduct four different types of these sessions and we usually start in the living room or den, or what we call base rooms.  We then move to the room or rooms that have indicated activity.  During this time, we take readings and photographs.  The first session is where each person asks a one answer question and waits atleast 30 seconds, until asking the next.  The second session is done as a group, where we all ask the same one answer question, at the same time.  Again, waiting 30 seconds, until asking the next.  We encourage our clients to join in on these sessions, as they are always welcome to participate.  We cover all the ground rules, prior to starting.

Investigation Readings:  After we conduct the first two EVP sessions, we stop and do our second walk through of the house.  We take readings and photos again.  We compare our baseline readings with the investigation readings at this time.

EVP Sessions III & IV:  We then then conclude with our last two sessions, which are silent EVP sessions.  These may be carried out in the base room or whichever room the client feels activity is most prevalent.  

Reviewing our findings:  At this point, we start to wrap things up. At home, we upload the photos and review them. We also go over the footage taken from the cameras, the charted readings collected, as well as review our EVP sessions.  It takes more time to go over our findings than it does to collect the information during the investigation.  For this reason, it will take us a good week or two, to thoroughly go over everything.  We ask for your patience at this time.   

Submitting our report:  We feel every detail of the investigation is important and for this reason, the report can be lengthy.  We mail a hard copy to you and should any electronic evidence be found, we would e-mail or go over that with you, in person.  Whichever you prefer.